Web Design Companies in London ON

GraphicDesignList of Web Design Companies in London ON

Liquid Dynamiks Web

Address: 125 Oxford Street E Suite 2 London, ON N6A 1T4

Profile: Liquid Dynamiks is a fast paced multimedia design company based in London, Ontario that specializes in web design and application development. If your company is looking to change its online presence or just spruce up an existing design, we can help. Our goal is to create a suitable web experience and build a growing relationship between you and your customers. I guess you can say that we are creative cupids! Our team of dedicated design specialists will work with you every step of the way ensuring that your are as happy with the project as we are in developing it. We believe in doing it right the first time and in keeping everyone on the same page. The moment a company strays from this mantra, they are asking for a disaster. Whether through excess time spent or redoing something multiple times. Any way you look at it, the efficiency lies in the communication with the client. This has worked well for us so far and we will continue in the future.

Website: www.liquid-dynamiks.com

BlueWave Media

Address: 900 Pond View Road Unit 6 London, ON N5Z 4L7

Profile: BlueWave Media Inc. provides a 360 degree experience for business — we not only conceptualize and spark the ideas, we can design and develop them, market them and track them, providing success in our clients projects both on an off-line. We are also a GREEN Company. We truly believe in and foster the channels of communication and are actively involved in social media. We develop web design, corporate identity and branding, advertising, marketing consultation and solutions, business analysis and growth, video and audio production, multi-communication tools with an emphasis on your brand, your needs and the way you work. We are MAC consultants and online specialists. We provide hosting, domain registration and database systems as well as offer writing services, web content updates and analytics (SEO – Search Engine Optimization) in our webmaster services. A lit of some of our services is available here.

Website: www.bluewavemedia.ca

ZOO Media Group

Address: 43 Scottsdale Street London, ON N6P 1C7

Profile: ZOO Media Group is headquartered in London, Ontario and services a growing client base that spans North America – from Vancouver to Halifax and Dallas to Miami. In today’s dog-eat-dog business environment, marketing budgets are much more rigid and competition is fiercer than ever. Fear not, let ZOO Media Group be your guide. Whether you’re an established corporation or an entrepreneur looking to grow your business, ZOO Media Group can provide you with a top notch marketing department. No need to hire a full-time marketer and invest time and money in training and benefits. ZOO Media Group will supply the expertise and know-how to serve as your one-stop marketing solution.

Website: www.zoomedia.ca

Him & Her Incorporated

Address: 79 Williams Street New Hamburg, ON N3A 2C3

Profile: We specialize in the development and customization of database driven applications. Whether its integrating existing systems and services or consulting on better business processes, we’re here to help. Social Media Strategy – have a gameplan in place to ensure social media success

Website: www.himandher.ca

Branton Advertising

Address: 1057 Oxford St W, London, ON N6H 1V6

Profile: We’ve been around for over 25 years providing advertising & marketing communications for a wide range of clients representing a vast array of products and services – always with the same goal: develop successful programs that engage their target audience. Over the years, we’ve evolved and expanded our capabilities to meet the changing demands of the industry as new technologies and consumer behaviours emerge. One thing that will never change is our drive and passion for the work that enable our clients to achieve their true potential and get their message out to the masses.

Website: www.brantonadvertising.com

rx4 Web Design

Address: 94-141 Condor Crt, London, ON N5W 6A1

Profile: Starting December 2013, rx4 is a new website design company based in London, Ontario with an owner/lead designer who has 15 years of experience focusing on web technology. Whether you need a basic website or something more complex, rx4 has the experience to build an attractive and highly functional website to help your company achieve a successful online presence.

Website: www.rx4.ca

Start Communications

Address: Start Communications 383 Richmond Street, Suite 1200 London, ON, N6A 3C4

Profile: We treat all of our customers fairly and our membership with the Better Business Bureau puts that track record of customer satisfaction online. We also adhere to the BBB Code of Online Practices and advertising guidelines. All the services we provide are “as is” and “as available” without any warranties or conditions of any kind. While we strive for perfection and typically maintain 99.99% or better network availability, we do not guarantee that our services will be uninterrupted or available at all times. We are also not liable for any harm, damages, expenses, loss of profits or opportunities that are caused through the use or reliance on our services, regardless of cause.

Website: www.start.ca

Next Dimension

Address: 111 Waterloo St, London, ON N6B 2M4

Profile: At Next Dimension we know that every business’s technology requirements are different and having the right IT support in place is mission-critical. Whether you have 5 employees or 500; we can craft an IT management strategy that’s right for your organization, and we’ll find the most cost-effective way to provide the right level of support. Founded in 1997 we are Southwestern Ontario’s Regional IT Service Provider built on a heritage of delivery excellence, industry knowledge and a strong technical team.

Website: www.ndinc.ca

In House Logic

Address: London ON

Profile: Our belief is that a web site needs care and an on-going plan for new content which is a major part of what makes a web site appealing to your readers and search engines alike. We provide you with tools to easily add that content which helps you stay in touch with your audience and rank more highly on search engines. We help small business owners match their web site design requirements with cost-effective maintenance and updating tools. Most successful small business web sites have areas where the owner can manage their own content. These are referred to as Content Management Systems (CMS). We specialize in these types of sites which offer greater personal control and a lower cost-of-ownership over the useful life of the project.

Website: ww.inhouselogic.com

Hall Marketing Communications

Address: 361 Princess Ave, London, ON N6B 2A7

Profile: We’re equally accomplished in traditional and digital media, and experienced enough to know that the ideal mix is different for every client. We understand the need for growth & profit, and are comfortable knowing that our creativity is serving capitalism. We don’t just talk change; we work out ways to effect it. We know that great work is one part strategy, one part creative and one part indefinable.

Website: www.hallmc.com

Resolution Interactive Media

Address: 1615 Trossacks Ave, London, ON N5X 2G3

Profile: We build websites and web applications that are founded in research, grown from design, and focused on the needs of customers. We got our start on the web and have produced everything from interactive learning modules for the Government of Alberta to enterprise asset management software currently used by The Home Depot, Staples, and Walmart.

Website: www.res.im

Avocado Web Design

Address: 690 Bramblewood Pl, London, ON N6K 4Y3

Profile: Avocado is a web design & development studio in Brantford. We build accessible, high-performance websites. But we’re not just building websites – we’re building business platforms. We’re bringing together market research, sales strategy, conversion tools, user metrics and analysis. This is big-league.

Website: www.avocadowebdesign.ca


Address: London, Ontario, Canada

Profile: Owning your own business is a lot of work. You probably work 7 days a week and spend most of each day in front of your computer struggling to keep ahead. In today’s market you are exposed to many free advertising options such as Facebook, twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn etc., which you know you have to take advantage of to help get your business known. Along with the hours spent on updating your social media feeds, you still have to find and land your customer, pay the bills and of course don’t forget the mindless hours spent on creating documents, organizing files, billing clients, collection payments and all the other things on your To Do List that you haven’t found the time to do…yet. This is where I come in; my goal is to work for clients who are struggling to keep ahead. Who envision a day where they are focused on the part of their business which is what made them start their own business in the first place.

Website: www.adminstudios.com

Social Hippo Inc

Address: 350 Talbot St, London, ON N6A 2R6

Profile: Our mission is to provide our clients with the right material in their arsenal of marketing tools so that they can excel in their individual markets. With over two decades of experience, we have worked for small to medium sized entrepreneurs and companies right up to Blue Chip clients. Give us a call anytime and we will be happy to share with you more specific details relating to your area of interest.

Website: www.socialhippo.com

Echidna Solutions Corp

Address: 207 King St, London, ON N6A 1C9

Profile: We’re huge believers in the digital world. That may seem at odds with our digital agnosticism until you consider that we believe in the universal, higher order concepts of digital connectivity, commerce and content. Harmonious digital environments are not about the tools but how to create synchronicity with them. It’s not about flash. We think digital is more substantive than that. For us it is about making the digital world work better. Through synchronicity.

Website: www.echidna.ca

Mackintosh Rob & Associates Graphic Design Limited

Address: 99 Midale Rd, London, ON N5X 2R2

Profile: I offer this column topic, because I see this poor choice of photo placement so often. When placing head and shoulder style shots in a page layout it should be done in such a way as to keep the reader on the page. Always examine carefully the photos you are using, and if the people or action in the subject of the photo have a distinct direction, then place the photo so that direction aims inward, not outward. In this particular photo, the gentleman is looking off to the left, and as you can see, when placed on the left, it offers an awkward imbalance and takes the readers attention off the page and away from the copy.

Website: www.robmackdesign.com

Design Pro Marketing

Address: 595 Killarney Rd, London, ON N5X 0C9

Profile: Design Pro Marketing is a local internet solutions provider with over 20 years of experience.  We provide both large and small businesses with personalized service; specializing in the design and development of web sites, graphic design, hosting packages, CMS (Content Management Systems), E-Commerce Systems and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  Our certified technology specialists will work with you to identify your business needs and a create service plan that will maximize your business exposure on the internet and grow your customer base.

Website: www.designpromarketing.ca

Digital Internet Group Inc

Address: 383 Richmond St, London, ON N6A 3C4

Profile: digOnline is a full service digital marketing agency. Our services include strategy, design, application and mobile development, pay-per-click advertising, SEO and social media. Our experienced team can help you plan, develop, execute and market all your digital needs. We host most of our client’s websites and applications in our own secure, climate-controlled data center and provide associated services such as domain name registration and management, email hosting and spam filtering. Should you wish to host in an off-site class AAA facility, we have partnered with BlackIron Data where we have multiple racks at our disposal.

Website: www.digonline.ca

PowerFlower Web Design

Address: London ON

Profile: Power Flower Web Design continues to be London Ontario’s Web Design company whose mission has always been custom design in the website disign london ontairo custom design websitesdevelopment of in-demand web-based applications and user-friendly web sites with an emphasis on friendly yet, professional with an end result of delivering you a world class marketing tool for your business.

Website: www.powerflowerwebdesign.com

Bluewave Media

Address: 6-900 Pond View Rd, London, ON N5Z 4L7

Profile: BlueWave Media Inc. provides a 360 degree experience for business — we not only conceptualize and spark the ideas, we can design and develop them, market them and track them, providing success in our clients projects both on an off-line. We are also a GREEN Company. We are a team of people with extensive experience many creative areas but we are committed to maintaining a personal approach with our clients. We truly believe in and foster the channels of communication and are actively involved in social media.

Website: www.bluewavemedia.ca