Top 10 Canadian Foods you Can’t Afford to Miss this Christmas and New Year’s Eve


While most of the world identifies Canadian cuisine with maple syrup and poutine, Canada has a lot more to offer than the obvious stereotypes. Canada is massive in terms of size, and tastes and preferences vary across provinces. If you are visiting Canada this Christmas, knowing about the best cuisines the country has to offer can contribute to making the vacation a memorable experience. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best Canadian cuisines you must try if you are visiting Canada this Christmas or New Year.

Maple Syrup

maple-syrupMaple syrup is as Canadian a food can get. The leaf has come to symbolize Canadian identity, donning the national flag and other icons of being Canadian. The country is one of the largest producers globally, and maple syrup exports account for a sizeable share of the overall food exports. Maple syrup is mainly produced in the Quebec region of the country, however, you will find all of Canada drooling over the delicacy. There are variants in which maple syrup can be had – with candy, donuts, coffee, and chocolate. If you are thinking of visiting Canada this winter and wondering which cuisines to must-try, maple syrup should top your list.


poutineCanadians pride themselves on being the creators of this tasty, lip-smacking cuisine. Poutine traces its roots way back to 1950s Quebec, and since then, it has spread across the world, with wide variations. The original Canadian version remains simple – French fries with gravy and cheese curd. However, when you travel across provinces, you may find local variants, which include lobsters and foiegras. Traveling across the breadth of the country, it will be hard for you to not notice the ubiquity of this cuisine.


Nanaimo Bars

nanaimo-barsYou can gauge the popularity of a dish if it’s named after a city! Nanaimo bars get their name from the city of Nanaimo in British Columbia. The amalgamation of chocolate, vanilla, and coconut make this truly a cuisine that you must try when visiting Canada. If you need more prodding, consider the fact that the name of the dish has got an entry in the Canadian Oxford Dictionary.



Butter Tart

butter-tartButter tart remains a Canadian staple although there is ambiguity over the exact origins of this cuisine. An adaptation of the English butter pie, butter tart is considered by many as a descendant of the famous English butter pie. What can one expect from this cuisine? Well, lots and lots of raisins, butter garnishing, and sweetness of brown sugar. Again, depending upon the province you are visiting, the taste of the tart may vary.



Montreal Smoked Meat

montreal-smoked-meatMontreal smoked meat is a Canadian delicacy that you must try when visiting the country. While the cuisine has its origins in Montreal, it pretty much is available throughout the country. Some of the subtle and major differences that make Montreal smoked meat different from pastrami and other similar variants is the greater amount of popcorn and lesser amount of sugar. If you are a fan of those delicacies that do not require a lot of chewing, Montreal smoked meat is the dish for you. Try it with a sandwich or club with a pint of Canada’s famous red beers, and you will have a first-hand experience of how food can make you feel like you are in heaven.

Saskatoon Berries

saskatoon-berriesThese berries derive their name from the city of Saskatoon in British Columbia. Available in various variants, these berries are often consumed with whipped cream. While these berries look like blueberries, the unique thing about Saskatoon berries is their dried flavor. While Saskatoon berries are available in other provinces as well, Saskatoon has unarguably the best ones to offer!



Beaver Tails

beaver-tailsThis pancake is one of the favourite on-the-go dishes in Canada. Made of chocolate spread and melted cheese, and topped with apple puree, the beaver tail is modelled on the tail of Canada’s national animal. While the original beaver tails were made from just cinnamon and sugar, today, they are topped with a number of accompaniments. If you are travelling Canada this New Year’s Eve, you should especially look for green kiosks serving this delicious dish.



tourtiereA Christmas-New Year delicacy, Tourtière is native to the Quebec region of Canada. Common fillings of the cuisine include minced pork and wild game, but then again, there are variations according to the province. One of the main distinctions of this dish as compared to other meat dishes is the filling is usually done with cloves and cinnamon. Served with tomato ketchup and pickled beets, this amazing cuisine is a must-have dish during the Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Canada.



pierogiesAnother must-try food in Canada, this cuisine has slowly and steadily become one of the widely had foods in Canada. Thought to have originated in Eastern Europe, these dumplings have spread far and wide in Canada. So, no matter which part of Canada you are visiting, you can savour them at a restaurant or street stop.


Kraft Dinner

kraft-dinnerLots of macroni and cheese make this cuisine a strict no-no for people on diet, but if you don’t mind eating your heart out this Christmas and New Year’ Eve, this is the dish for you. A perfect accompaniment to beer and wine, Kraft dinner should be up on your list of best Canadian dishes to try this Christmas and New Year’s Eve.



Visiting Canada during winters can give you an opportunity to taste the local cuisines and may be get the secret to an age-old recipe! There are a lot of ongoing Canada festivals and events where you can sample authentic cuisines. You may be wondering that we have given you a top 10 list of cuisines, but haven’t spoken about wine or local brews. Well, Canada has some pretty well-known breweries that offer local beers and ales with which you can wash these cuisines down. We recommend trying red beer and wheat beer for that local, authentic taste.