Accenture: Field Metering Analyst(British Columbia)


Company: Accenture
Position: Field Metering Analyst
Location: British Columbia

Basic Purpose:

Provides a variety of meter investigations and customer support services using advanced smart meter interrogation tools and results from key smart grid analytics. Multiple interactions with customers including providing notices and addressing billing issues.

Major Responsibilities and Duties (to fulfill major purpose):

  • Contacts and interacts on-site with customers to troubleshoot meter communications errors and resolve meter connectivity issues. .
  • Writes comprehensive reports on customer, site, and meter connectivity issues.
  • Using optical probes and data analysis tools, interrogates meters to resolve issues, and/or issue meter exchanges related to communication and other errors.
  • Using optical probes and handheld tools, performs download of meter data and demand meter resets.
  • Performs disconnection/reconnection of electrical service via optical probe and handheld tools.
  • Schedules and performs on-site manual meter disconnects for electrical service.
  • Hand delivers various customer notices; reschedules disconnections and delivers 48 hour payment warnings according to defined on-site conditions and procedures.
  • Collect and record registered meter readings including entering, transcribing, recording, storing, or maintaining information in written or electronic/ form.
  • Performs checks and investigations in support of, switched meters, damaged or faulty meters, and other support checks including customer circuit breaker checks.
  • Initiates and/or completes Service Order work such as following up on billing irregularities for all types of residential account customers and general accounts.
  • Contacts and interacts on-site with customers to resolve billing inquiries, meter connectivity issues, address changes and updates accounts for billing purposes.
  • Tracks and reports a number of different metrics, including time to complete activities, mileage, administration time, etc.
  • Provides training to new staff members.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned by the supervisor.

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