Accenture: Technical Team Lead

Company: Accenture
Location: Toronto, ON
Position: Technical Team Lead
Experience: 2 to 5 Years
Job Type: Full Time Employee

Job Description
Service Management professionals define and encompass the interface between the client and the delivery organization and governs all aspects of service delivery working with delivery and account management to ensure the account meets the service commitments to the customer. Specifically, Service Management comprises the following functions: Manage Incoming Work, Demand Management, Resource Management, Incident Management, Problem Management, Request Management, Performance Management, [Production] Change Management, and User Relationship Management.

Resource Management professionals secure and allocate resources to satisfy demand in a timely manner and at a reasonable cost. Their role includes a detailed plan of the number of resources needed (e.g. people by role, level, workforce, location, etc) at a macro level to fulfill the anticipated demand and then at a detailed level assigned to approved work efforts.

An Analyst Programmer/Senior Software Engineer contributes to the development, delivery and maintenance of technology-based business solutions. He/she is skilled in designing, coding, testing, and implementing configuration changes to software applications to meet both functional and technical requirements. He/she may have some oversight responsibility for the technology solution and may assist in the development of the team.

  • Accountable and Responsible for proactively monitor Citrix farm for issues (performance or otherwise), identify and implement corrective action
  • Responsible for Citrix farm deployment/configuration and managing published application resources
  • Responsible for installation and support of all infrastructure components of the Project solution (Weblogic, tomcat, iis, Custom Java applications, etc).
  • Responsible for assessing and implementing server security policy.
  • Responsible for Network and T1 support, including coordination with hosting providers and application vendors
  • Responsible for Windows Server support
  • Responsible for non-database Batch processes (example: Windows scheduled tasks, cron jobs, etc)
  • Responsible for sofware upgrades and deployments
  • Responsible for the management of sharepoint (security, archiving, structure)
  • 100% compliance in status and time reporting activities.
  • Coordinate and manage work performed by Accenture IO teams (Hosting providers)
  • Work with client through change management process to roll out IO related maintenance and/ break fix changes
  • Reports to Operations Lead

Key responsibilities may include:

  • Contributing to planning and analyzing high-level software strategies and solutions through functional and technical expertise
  • Designing and implementing analyses that will identify requirements related to people, processes and technology
  • Implementing or leading the implementation of the technical infrastructure
  • Integrating technical and application components
  • Participating in designing the framework of a technical infrastructure
  • Designing, coding and testing program modules
  • Maintaining, tuning and repairing applications; performing preventive maintenance activities; providing user support
  • Creating, executing and documenting tests
  • Participating in identifying configuration changes
  • Participating in implementing all actions required to deploy an application
  • Defining the characteristics, capabilities, inputs, outputs, and results necessary to describe the required functionality of the selected technolog(ies)
  • Assisting in identifying, analyzing, mitigating and responding to project and operational risks

Must have worked in a technial infrastructure domain with an experience on server technologies in data center hosted heterogeneous environments.  The candidate should possess a good knwoledge around breath of technology areas such as Windows Server environments, Citrix Farms, WebLogic Server Management, Java, Tomcat, SQL Server, IIS, .Net, Oracle database, Storage networks and Sharepoint portal.
Nice to Have Technical skills : Network/Firewall/VPN, Oracle and SQL Server DB Admin, PL/SQL Development, Java Development
Nice to have Project Management skills: Team Lead experience, Client facing experience, Followed a Software Development Lifecyle

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